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I have a dream : writings and speeches that changed the world / by King, Martin Luther.

Publication: HarperSanFrancisco, 1992 . xxi, 210 p.; , Includes index. 25 Date: 1992

More riveting than I imagined, the Gospel lived out most sincerely and humbly. Many thanks for the life and work of Dr. King. We are graced with strength to love. Added 11/04/2015

The Anointing of His Spirit / by Wigglesworth, Smith.

Publication: Ann Arbor Servant Publications 1994 . 249p. , Includes bibliographical references. 25 Date: 1994

"Faith laughs at impossibilities, rejoices in the confidence that God cannot break His Word." Great man, great theology, great witness, great God! Glorious grace. Added 11/04/2015

Light in the shadow of Jihad / by Zacharias, Ravi K.

Publication: Sisters, Or. : Multnomah Publishers, 2002 . 121 p. ; 22 cm. Date: 2002

Thoroughly enjoyed this response to the 911, very well written with the excellence we expect of Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Written in fact in the eyes and mouths of leaders of the faith Jihad claims to defend. Quality apologetics a fantastic read. Added 11/04/2015

Byang Kato Ambasador for Christ. by De la Haye, Sophie.

Publication: Africa Christian Press, 1986 . 126p. 25 Date: 1986

Potent read, a most personal biography. Great quotes and facts on the life of the founding father of modern African Evangelical Theology. So much in so little! Added 11/04/2015

Kneeling with giants : learning to pray with history's best teachers / by Hansen, Gary Neal,

Publication: Downers Grove, Ill. : IVP Books, 2012 . 237 p. ; 21 cm. Date: 2012

Glorious read, rich in depth and practice. A real jewel for devotion and prayer. Added 11/04/2015

Resurrection and redemption : a study in Paul's soteriology / by Gaffin, Richard.

Publication: Grand Rapids, Michigan : Baker, 1978 . 155p. , Includes bibliography & indexes. 25 Date: 1978

What a blessing, very clear minimal on the Greek for non-users. Not forgetting the all important resurrection. Added 09/21/2015

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